Lantmännen sector Energy is one of Sweden's largest producers of bioenergy products, accounting for 10 percent of the Group's sales. The division manufactures and markets sustainable ethanol fuel, protein feed, carbon dioxide, starch products, gluten, vodka, beta-glucan, oat protein, alkylate petrol, lubricants, and other chemical products, as well as solid processed wood fuels. The division operates in a global market with the focus in Europe.

The Energy Sector includes Lantmännen Biorefineries, Lantmännen Aspen and Scandbio with facilities in Sweden, France, England, Latvia, Finland, and Denmark. The division has wholly or partly owned companies in the Nordic region, France, Germany, the UK, and the USA.

Our biorefineries

Other businesses

Lantmännen Aspen

Lantmännen Aspen, with its brands Aspen, Agrol, Marline and Coryton, manufactures and markets bespoke fuels, lubricants and chemical products that create benefits for machinery, people and the environment. The products are produced in Sweden, France and the UK and sold in about 30 countries in Europe and the US and Canada.

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