Group Functions

Lantmännen Group Functions include Economy and Finance, Owner Relations, Research and Development, Communication and Human Resources, Sustainable Development, Legal and Compliance, Marketing and Brand, IT, Mergers & Acquisitions and Business Development.
The group functions drive their respective key objectives and support Group Management and the divisions in Group matters.

Economy and Finance

The finance department is responsible for the Group's financial management and reporting. The department includes Accounting, Reporting & Controlling, Group Tax, Treasury & Risk Management, Ownership Relations and a company for customer financing. In addition, Central Group Purchasing is included, as well as a group-wide accounting function that handles accounting and reporting for the Group's various companies on assignment.

Owner Relations

The Owner Relations department is responsible for Lantmännen’s communication with its members and owners and devotes itself to our 19,000 or so owners in 20 districts. Lantmännen's 20 districts are important links between the members and Lantmännen and are the fundament of member influence and ownership. The corporate governance operates through a Council of Trustees who suppports the board and works for a favourable growth for Lantmännen.

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Research and Development (R&D)

Lantmännen Research and Development runs the strategic work on research, innovation and business development. This work is carried out in collaboration with Lantmännen’s companies, divisions and corporate functions. The department also runs Lantmännen’s Research Foundation, which funds research in the areas of food, agriculture, energy and green materials.

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Communication and Human Resources (HR)

The department has the strategic responsibility for Lantmännen as an employer as well as the group-wide internal and external communication.

The HR team have the strategical assignment to attract, recruit and develop employees with the right skills and relevant experience. HR is also responsible for driving, developing and implementing global policies, processes and system support for areas such as employer branding, recruitment, talent and career development, gender equality and diversity, skills and leadership development, work environment, health, labor law and employer issues.

The communication team has a strategic and operational responsibility for Lantmännen's group-wide communication in order to make Lantmännen's vision visible, strengthen and protect the brand, strengthen the employer brand and implement initiatives that contribute to committed and motivated employees. The team is responsible for financial communication, crisis communication, social media, social and media contacts as well as the intranet, the web and the employee magazine Field to Fork.

All in all, it will support the overall work of achieving the Group's set business goals.

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Sustainable Development

The Sustainable Development department is responsible for developing strategies, managing the work and supporting Lantmännen’s businesses with expertise in sustainable development, to protect and strengthen the Lantmännen brand and provide commercial value in both the short term and the long term. The department also has overall responsibility for the implementation of Lantmännen’s code of conduct, including reporting and monitoring.

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Legal and Compliance

The Legal and Compliance department assists all Lantmännen businesses with legal advice from its own or external legal experts (under central framework agreements). The department handles all legal issues relating to acquisitions and disposals, intellectual property rights, disputes and major business negotiations. The department also works to help the businesses acquire knowledge of legal structures and to establish decision-making processes to support decision-making and business. The Legal department also acts as the Group Board’s secretariat.

The department is also home to Lantmännen’s Compliance function. The main task of the Compliance function is to support and facilitate the implementation of procedures for monitoring and compliance with regard to anti-corruption and competition legislation, as part of Lantmännen’s business ethics compliance programme. This work includes ensuring that advice, policies, processes, training and tools are available to prevent, detect and respond to illegal or unethical acts. The Compliance function also supports and facilitates compliance with data protection legislation.

Marketing and Brand

Marketing & Brand is responsible for building, developing and protecting the Lantmännen brand as a differentiating asset for the entire Group, and thereby strengthening Lantmännen's competitiveness and supporting business goals. The department's assignment entails strategic and operational responsibility for:

  • Brand strategy, platform and identity including the “Garanten strategy” for the Group's product brands.
  • Marketing communication including marketing PR and sponsorship.
  • Brand and user experience (UX) in digital channels, as well as a platform for the Group's websites and e-services.
  • Development and packaging of strategic group concepts (eg Farming of the future and Climate & Nature, follow link below to read more).
  • Lead the Group's understanding of the outside world, market, customer and consumer and coordinate the Group's research activities.

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Lantmännen IT

Lantmännen IT's vision is "Together Towards Smarter Ways of Working". The department ensure that employees always have a secure and modern digital workplace and work with process support in close collaboration with all of Lantmännen's companies. Lantmännen IT manages and develops all of Lantmännen's IT systems used by employees worldwide. Digitization is high on the agenda, with IT pursuing development and upgrade projects, including cloud-based solutions. See more about what our Lantmännen IT employees think about going digital from field to fork and more here.

Mergers & Acquisitions and Business Development

The Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and Business Development department is a central competence center that, in close collaboration with Lantmännen's business operations, runs strategic projects. It primarily works with company acquisitions, but is also responsible for divestments, mergers and a number of other business development projects, including joint ventures, strategic partnerships and licensing arrangements.