Tillväxtbolaget and Agronod in new collaboration to strengthen green financing at farm level

News, 2024

Tillväxtbolaget, who’s mission is to enables sustainable investments at farm level, has reached an collaboration agreement with Agronod, regarding their climate calculation tool Agrosfär.

With Agrosfär, the Swedish agricultural sector has a tool that provides a climate impact calculations based on actual farm data. This is an important basis from a credit and financing perspective, and it is likely to become increasingly important as the need for a green transition increases.

“We are pleased to welcome Tillväxtbolaget as a customer to our climate calculation tool Agrosfär. The fact that an actor, who so clearly and long-term works with investment support within the Swedish agriculture, chooses Agrosfär is positive for the industry’s green transition”, says Emilia Liljeström, CEO of Agronod.

Increasing needs
Through the collaboration, more farmers will have the opportunity to easily calculate and report their farm’s climate impact.

“We see that the need for reliable climate calculations is increasing. Therefore, we are very pleased with the collaboration with Agronod and the benefits of the Agrosfär tool. Data that shows improved climate performance at farm level makes it easier to evaluate and follow up on the investments we make,” says Helena Silvander, CEO of Tillväxtbolaget. She continues:

“The agricultural sector is absolutely crucial for Sweden's food supply, at the same time as the need for a green transition is increasing. Here, we have an important mission in assisting farmers in their investment decisions, to increase the understanding of climate data and the choices they can make,” says Helena Silvander.

Facts about Agrosfär

  • Agrosphere is a tool that enables detailed and automated climate calculations for Swedish agriculture.
  • Today, Agrosfär is used by leading actors in the food processing and banking sectors.
  • Data is retrieved from the farm's connected systems and reduces manual administration.
  • Calculations can be made for the entire farm as well as for different production sectors: crop cultivation, milk production and beef production. The work to include pig production is ongoing.
  • The calculation model has been developed by leading experts and researchers in the fields of food, agriculture and climate calculations. The model is verified by a third party.
  • The development has EIP support.

More information

For more information, please contact:

Helena Silvander, CEO, Tillväxtbolaget
Email: helena.silvander@lantmannen.com

Emilia Liljeström, CEO, Agronod
E-mail: emilia@agronod.com

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