Stjärnägg and Lantmännen in new partnership for more sustainable egg production

News, 2024

Sweden's leading egg supplier Stjärnägg is now joining Climate & Nature – Lantmännen's program for farming of the future. With grain grown according to the program as part of its feed, Stjärnägg continues to reduce its carbon footprint. The partnership is also a milestone for Lantmännen that now offers more sustainable grain from the program to customers in animal production.

According to recent climate calculations, it is through the feed that Stjärnägg has the greatest opportunities’ of achieving its sustainability goals. The grain is the single largest ingredient in hen's feed, and by reducing its climate impact, Stjärnägg can make significant progress. Considering this, Stjärnägg has now joined Climate & Nature – Lantmännen's program for the agriculture of the future – and thus becomes the first partner in the animal value chain.

"We are proud to join the Climate & Nature program and take further steps towards reducing our climate footprint. By setting clear targets and implementing measures to reduce emissions, we aim to be a forerunner in the egg industry in terms of sustainability,” says Håkan Burlin, CEO, Stjärnägg.

The program includes concrete measures to reduce the climate impact of cultivation and promote biodiversity, such as fossil-free fuels in tractors and flower zones in the field for insects and pollinators. Since the start of the program in 2015, the climate impact from the cultivation of grain has decreased by up to 45 percent, compared to Swedish conventional farming. Through the grain, Stjärnägg will be able to contribute to a more sustainable industry and continue to deliver high-quality eggs.

"We are happy to welcome Stjärnägg as a partner in the program. Through Climate & Nature, we can, together with our customers, offer consumers more sustainable products while creating incentives for farmers to use more sustainable farming methods on their farms," says Magnus Kagevik, Group President and CEO, Lantmännen.

Large parts of the Lantmännen-owned brands Kungsörnen's and AXA's products are already included in the Climate & Nature program. Lantmännen also works with partnerships within the food value chain, e.g., with Polarbröd, Paulig, Spendrups and Semper that are part of the program today.

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