Pia Nordh wins the Sweden's most sustainable bread competition – Lantmännen encourages innovative ways to reduce food waste

Press releases, 2024

Lantmännen is committed to the development of the agriculture of the future and a more sustainable food production. To motivate and highlight concrete sustainability initiatives, the company has created the competition Sweden's most sustainable bread.

With the competition, Lantmännen wants to challenge all of Sweden's commercial kitchens to find new creative ways to reduce the carbon footprint of their bread baking. The rule of the contest is simple: The bread must contain some form of leftovers. A jury consisting of three experts from Lantmännen bakes according to the recipes, taste and then selects a winner.

"We want to show that sustainability solutions are everywhere, all it takes is a little will and creativity. Food waste is a problem in society, and all the ways you can reduce it are a success, both economically and in terms of sustainability. With this, I would like to thank you for all the creative suggestions and at the same time encourage as many people as possible to try the recipes," says Kristin Marmsjö, Sales Director at Lantmännen Cerealia.

Among several innovative and tasty bread bakes, the competition is now decided.

The winner of Sweden's most sustainable bread is Pia Nordh, chef at Röinge School in Hässleholm.

The motivation is as follows: "The winning recipe is a juicy and tasty bread, with a nice colorful crust. Quick and easy to prepare while being extra sustainable and rich in protein when using leftovers from previous servings of Chili sin carne."

"I'm very happy about the win, not least when there were so many good finalists, but above all because it's for a good cause. We throw away too much, take care of too little, and if this can get more commercial kitchens to think a little extra, it can have a serious effect”, says the winner Pia NordH, chef at Röinge school.

The winning recipe can be found on Lantmännen’s website.

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All finalists
Vallens Gröna Goda – Aron Svedberg, Vallens förskola, Kovland

Juicy recycled bread with a pizza touch – Sanna Håkansson, Måltidsservice, Halmstad
Dotted bread with lentils and chia seeds – Ahmed Yahya, Essviks skola, Sundsvall
Röinges chilli sin Carne-bröd – Pia Nordh, Röinge skola, Hässleholm
Super Björkö bread – Zehra Jakupovic, Björköby skola/Lindens förskola, Björkby
Spaguetti – Cherie Gotthardsson, Läredaskolan, Hässleholm

The recipes
All finalists' recipes can be found on Lantmännen's website.

Previous winners

Marie Juberg, Egebyskolan, Mjölby
Pia Lagerqvist, Höganäs förskola, Uppsala

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