New collaboration on Farm of the Future Viken will pave the way for the agriculture of the future

Press releases, 2024

Europe's increased focus on sustainable food production and Sweden's need to strengthen food preparedness have contributed to a new momentum for Swedish agriculture. Strengthened profitability in agriculture is an important prerequisite for both increasing food production and for switching to sustainable production.

The bay will be a showcase for the future of agriculture

A new collaboration between Lantmännen and Arla at Farm of the Future Viken will drive the development towards sustainable and productive milk production in Sweden. Farm of the Future Viken is Lantmännen's dairy farm with 440 dairy cows and 450 heifers and calves as well as 365 hectares that are cultivated for crop production, mainly grassland. On the farm, feed trials are already underway for Lantmännen's feed development.

Together with Arla, the work will be broadened to also include other important areas for future milk production, such as animal welfare, land use, carbon sequestration and fossil-free inputs to develop future milk production and live up to climate and environmental goals.

“Through the collaboration at Farm of the Future Viken, Lantmännen and Arla want to contribute to the entire industry's green transition. The ambition is for Viken to run fossil-free, productive and profitable milk production. Already in 2021, together with others in the industry, we presented the potentials for the future of Swedish milk production and it is now a natural step to further strengthen the collaboration and at Viken be able to show the solutions of the future in practice. We know that the goals are technically achievable, but it requires real responsibility from the market and support from politicians to realize it on a broad front," says Claes Johansson, Head of Sustainability at Lantmännen.

Increased production and reduced climate emissions

Swedish agriculture is facing the challenge of increasing production while managing the green transition. But Sweden also has very good conditions.

“After Swedish milk production has declined for several decades, there is now a new belief in the future in the industry. In Sweden, we have access to land, good conditions for growing grassland and knowledgeable farmers who give us among the better conditions in the world for developing sustainable and fossil-free milk production.  We need to increase our contribution to the global food supply," says Åse Arnbratt, Head of Farm Sustainability at Arla.

The agriculture of the future requires commitment throughout the value chain

For individual farms, it is difficult to take the risks involved in cutting-edge projects that develop new feed compositions and land use. At Farm of the Future Viken, Arla and Lantmännen can test methods and inspire dairy farmers to take the next step. Through Arla's FarmAhead programme with climate data at farm level and financial incentives for sustainability measures, Lantmännen's knowledge and solutions for the agriculture of the future, and the collaboration within Agronod, Farm of the Future Viken can pave the way for the entire industry's transition.

"The technology, knowledge and will are there to continue the development of the agriculture of the future and the milk production of the future, but what is also required is that the entire value chain is involved and shares the investment that is required," says Kristina Gustafsson, Head of Lantmännen's Feed Business.

Facts: collaboration at Farm of the Future Viken

  • From 1 July, Lantmännens Farm of the Future Viken will become a member of Arla.
  • The purpose of the collaboration at Farm of the Future Viken is to translate existing knowledge into practical development projects to develop Swedish milk production and achieve the sustainability goals (SBT Flag for milk).
  • Demonstration of new technology with the farmer at the centre.
  • Viken has about 450 dairy cows and the same number of calves and heifers.
  • Almost 400 hectares of land for grassland, grain and grazing.
  • Experimental section for 48 cows.

Facts: Arla FarmAhead

  • FarmAhead is Arla's programme for the green transition on farms.
  • Based on climate data from 8000 farms, inventories of biodiversity and soil health samples.
  • Involves a redistribution of the milk price to incentivise measures that reduce the climate impact of farms and increase the contribution to biodiversity and soil health.
  • Enables the entire value chain to take responsibility for climate and environmental impact at farm level. 

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