Lantmännen's Graduate Trainee Program – among BSc Engineering students' finest five

News, 2024

We are excited to share that Lantmännen's Graduate Trainee Program has achieved a significant milestone by securing a top 5 position among the most attractive trainee programs in the BSc engineering category!

Recently, the Career Companies’ student network conducted a comprehensive survey to pinpoint the standout trainee programs across various fields, including Business Administration, IT, MSc Engineers, and BSc Engineers. The responses from BSc engineering students have once again solidified Lantmännen's Graduate Trainee Program as one of the top five most attractive programs.

“Our Graduate Trainee Program offers young talents a unique 15-month journey, providing them with the opportunity to explore diverse sectors, markets, and functions. With work rotations at various locations and enriched learning experiences such as training programs and study visits, our graduate trainees gain invaluable insights and experiences", explains Carina Eriksson, Manager Learning, Development & Graduate Trainee Program.

Lantmännen's unwavering focus on sustainability, innovation, and its presence across the entire value chain set it apart, offering employees thrilling career prospects and the chance to make a real impact on society. This recognition underscores Lantmännen’s dedication to providing students and recent graduates with dynamic career pathways within our broad organization.

Further enhancing our appeal as an employer with an attractive trainee program, Lantmännen achieved an all-time-high in the number of applications for the Graduate Trainee Program, starting later in 2024. In addition, in 2023, Lantmännen was honored as Sweden's 4th most attractive employer among MSc in Engineering students (1–3 years), and for the fifth consecutive year, recognized as a Career Company 2024.

These accolades not only affirm Lantmännen's standing as an attractive employer for young talent but also strengthen the company's reputation as a place where both students and professionals can find unique opportunities for career development.

“Behind the gratifying recognition of our Graduate Trainee Program once again securing a spot in the top five among BSc Engineers lies the concerted effort of the entire Lantmännen Group. We take great pride in the acknowledgment of our ongoing work in developing the graduate trainee program and our commitment to employer branding among potential and current employees," shares Linda Siljemark, Employer Branding Manager at Lantmännen.

To learn more about Lantmännen’s Graduate Trainee Program, please visit our website:

For more details about the top 15 most attractive traineeprogram, read more on Career Companies website (in Swedish):

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