Lantmännen invests half a billion SEK in new grain facility

News, 2024

Lantmännen presents a new grain reception and storage facility in Uddevalla – the largest industrial project of its kind since the 1980s. The investment of half a billion SEK will be one of the cornerstones of Sweden's grain infrastructure through increased export opportunities and higher reception capacity. The grain facility strengthens Swedish agriculture and will also be of importance for the Swedish food preparedness. 

During the spring, Lantmännen will begin the extensive work of building a new grain reception, drying and storage facility in Uddevalla, which is expected to be operational in time for the 2026 harvest. The facility is dimensioned to meet the future needs of both Swedish farmers and Lantmännen. Compared to today's plant, it will be larger, have higher capacity and be significantly more efficient. 

"Lantmännen's expertise and financial capacity enables this type of significant investments for Swedish agriculture and food production. At the same time, the investment has the potential to become a key component in both a developed Swedish food preparedness and for increased export opportunities of Swedish grain," says Magnus Kagevik, President and CEO of Lantmännen.   

As the contractor for the construction of the grain facility in Uddevalla, Lantmännen has signed an agreement with Tornum, which has local roots and a broad experience of investments in grain facilities, both in Sweden and internationally.  

"The new plant's high reception and drying capacity ensures that farmers in the western part of Sweden can deliver grain both during and after harvest in an efficient way," says Elisabeth Ringdahl, Executive Vice President, Lantmännen Agriculture Sector.  

"Our new facility is located in an attractive port location, where access to a deep-water port provides the conditions for loading vessels of 30,000 tonnes. This means lower freight costs and the opportunity to reach, for example, the US and North Africa, which pay higher prices than destinations that the smaller boats reach – and it means higher revenues for the farmers," says Elisabeth Ringdahl. 

The grain facility consists of 21 silos with two dryers for an estimated turnover of up to 100,000 tonnes of grain per year. 

"For me as a farmer and a member of Lantmännen, this investment means a focus on the agriculture in western Sweden and gives an increased belief in the future in the area. It also shows the strength of the strong joint ownership that we have in Lantmännen," says Ulf Johansson, Chairman, Lantmännen's district in Western Sweden. 

Facts about Lantmännen's new grain facility in Uddevalla  
Construction period: 2024 - 2026  
Height: 35 meters 
Number of silos: 21, with the possibility of building more if needed 
Volume, storage in total: 41,000 tonnes  
Drying capacity: Two dryers of 44 tonnes each per hour 
Estimated turnover: Up to 100,000 tonnes of grain per year.  
Estimated cost: SEK 500 million, the largest industrial project of its kind since the 1980s.   
Developer: Tornum. 

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