Aspen builds an organization for the future and forms Aspen Group

News, 2024

As of March 1, 2024, Aspen and its subsidiaries forms Aspen Group that will be headed by Claes Alin, who will leave his role as CEO of Aspen Sweden after 16 years. Claes will be succeeded by Mats Uhrlander.

“Aspen has for a long time pursued a strong growth strategy that has served us well, and in order to continue the positive development, we are now forming the Aspen Group, which will continue to be one of three business areas within the Energy Sector, together with Lantmännen Biorefineries and Scandbio,” says Lars-Gunnar Edh, Head of Energy Sector, Lantmännen.

Aspen Group includes Aspen Sweden and the Agrol brand, Aspen US, Aspen and Marline brands in France, and Coryton in the UK with its subdivisions in Germany and South Korea. Aspen Group's management team will be based in new offices in Gårda, Gothenburg.

“In the specialty fuels sector, there is a growing demand for more sustainable products, which generates new and exciting opportunities. It is against this background and for our continued growth journey that we now are forming Aspen Group,” says Claes Alin, President of Aspen Group.

Incoming CEO Mats Uhrlander has been working within Aspen since 2008 and most recently operated as Head of Sales.

“It is with pride and joy that I take on the role as CEO of Aspen Sweden. I look forward to further developing the business together with our customers and my competent colleagues and employees,” says Mats Uhrlander, Managing Director, Aspen Sweden.

Aspen Group Fact Box:

  • Lantmännen Aspen is a leading company in the specialty fuel category, operating
    in an international market but based in Sweden and with a turnover of approximately SEK 2 billion.
  • Lantmännen Aspen operates throughout the value chain from laboratory to warehouse, has production facilities in Sweden, France and the UK, a presence in 30+ countries and approximately 200 employees.
  • Aspen offers environmentally friendly fuels such as alkylate gasoline and HVO diesel for small engines such as lawnmowers, chainsaws, outboard motors and special fuel for motorsports.

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