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News, 2024

When comparing the conditions in the agriculture sector today with the ones from a couple of decades ago, the differences are considerable to the degree that some of the previous knowledge needs to be re-evaluated or revised. The report series Strategy Trials, produced by Lantmännen Lantbruk, compiles product evaluations and reports on how different products are best used to develop Swedish agriculture, at farm level.

The report series Strategy Trials compiles tests and evaluations from field trials that aim to contribute with knowledge to answer questions about how farmers should cultivate for high yields, reduced climate impact and good profitability.

"In official trials and in plant protection companies' experiments, product-to-product and dose-to-dose are compared, but we lacked knowledge of how an entire strategy compares to another strategy. We already know that products can interact or counteract each other when they are mixed, we call it mixing effects or cocktail effects. It's simply not enough to make product choices to achieve the most efficient cultivation," says Camilla Persson, Plant Advisory Manager at Lantmännen Lantbruk.

This year's edition of Strategy Trials investigates, among other things, whether urea is a fertilizer that can be used for winter wheat in Sweden and if so, how it should be used, what results come from the use of biostimulants (microorganisms that affect the crop's nutrient uptake) and when micronutrients are profitable in grassland.

In 2023, extensive tests of different fertilizer strategies were also carried out to meet the prevailing uncertainty in the fertilizer market.

"In light of the fact that the prices of plant nutrients have been both volatile and high, it is in both Lantmännen's and the farmer's interest to develop the practical knowledge of different fertilizer strategies, both for the sake of the farmer's wallet and the climate," Camilla explains.

The tests and evaluations found in Strategy Trials 2023 have been carried out in the field during the past cultivation year. The strategies are adapted to scientific advances, market trends and the climate in order to come up with relevant farming practices for the coming years. The publication is the fifth in the report series Strategy Experiments.

All reports in the series and more information about the strategy trials from last year can be found here (only in Swedish).

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