Semper and Lantmännen in new partnership for more sustainable agriculture

Press releases, 2023

Semper joins Climate & Nature – Lantmännen’s program for Farming of the Future. Together the companies will create a more sustainable cultivation of oats, wheat and rye in Sweden.

Semper is joining Climate & Nature this harvest year 2023. The program contains a number of measures and cultivation methods at farm level that reduce climate impact and boost biodiversity. The use of fossil-free mineral fertilisers is a new criterion this year and means that the climate impact from cultivation can be reduced by up to 50 per cent for this year’s harvest*.

“Our mission is to conserve the goodness of nature, and therefore we don’t take shortcuts. We prepare food for the future’s connoisseurs, our children. After our long collaboration with Lantmännen, we have now chosen to join Climate & Nature in order to jointly reduce our climate impact and contribute to more sustainable agriculture,” says Jim Frandsen, CEO of Semper AB.

The cultivation methods within Climate & Nature include the use of fossil-free mineral fertiliser, fossil-free fuels and precision cultivation. In addition, biodiversity is boosted by chemical-free seed treatment, flowering zones and skylark plots in the field (unsown plots in the fields where skylarks can land to find food).

“We are very happy that Semper is joining the program. Climate and Nature is our tool for driving the transition to a climate-neutral food chain. Partnerships like the one we have with Semper are crucial for us and our customers to be able to offer sustainable products and achieve our climate and sustainability goals,” says Karolina Valdemarsson, Country Managing Director at Lantmännen Cerealia Sweden.

Through contract cultivation, Lantmännen guarantees a market for the grains and the farmer receives a premium for the measures carried out on their own farm. The more companies that join Climate & Nature, the more farmers can transition to more sustainable cultivation methods.


• Climate & Nature is Lantmännen’s cultivation program for farming of the future. It includes specific measures, such as fossil-free fuels, fossil-free mineral fertilisers and flowering zones, to reduce climate impact from cultivation and boost biodiversity.

*The program is dynamic and since the launch in 2015, Lantmännen has reduced the total climate impact from cultivation by developing and adding sustainability criteria. For the 2023 harvest, the reduction will amount to around 50 per cent compared with the base year of 2015. The remaining climate impact consists of biogenic emissions, primarily nitrous oxide emissions from the farmland.

• For the 2023 harvest, Lantmännen will have replaced over 90 per cent of fossil fuels used throughout the value chain with renewable energy (since the start of the program in 2015).


• Semper produces all baby food without additives or preservatives. The ingredients are always carefully selected. The ingredients are of so-called baby food quality, which means that they comply with baby food legislation and the strict requirements for food for children under 3 years of age.

• The partnership in the program for Climate & Nature includes the assortment of porridge and gruel.

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