Lantmännen has been appointed Career Company 2024

News, 2023

Lantmännen has once again, for the fifth year in a row, received the prestigious award as Career Company 2024.

The Career Company-award is given to employers who offer unique career and development opportunities for talents and recognizes those companies that successfully conducts their employer branding-activities.

The competition to receive the award is tough. The companies that meet all the basic criteria are then reviewed by a panel of experts who score, among other things, career pages on company websites, social media presence and activities towards talents and students. The employers with the highest score are then judged by a jury, which selects the final winners who can call themselves Career Companies.

"We are proud of the award and that our work in communicating to existing and potential employees is recognized. Further proof of that we are at the forefront as an employer, and with our employer brand, is that our employees are also ambassadors," says Frida Tydén, Senior Vice President och Head of Communications & Marketing, Lantmännen.

The labor market looks set to remain highly competitive in 2024, as Patrik Wigton, Chairman of Karriärföretagen, indicates: "The labor market in 2024 continues to be highly competitive, and companies need to differentiate themselves to attract and retain the best talent. The work with Employer Branding is therefore crucial for companies to be able to compete for the best talent on the labor market. A strong employer brand benefits both recruitment efforts and the ability to retain qualified staff."

This recognition not only confirms Lantmännen's position as an attractive employer for young talent, but also strengthens the company's reputation as a place where both students and professionals can find unique opportunities for career development.

"It is a focused multi-year effort that lies behind the recognition we are now receiving for how we conduct our work with employer branding and all the opportunities that we offer talents. It strengthens my conviction that we are on the right track and that we have a strong internal engagement," says Linda Siljemark, Employer Branding Manager, Lantmännen.

Motivation of the career companies:

Lantmännen is an attractive employer due to their strong focus on sustainability and transparency. The company creates an inclusive culture where every employee is valuable and has the opportunity to develop. Lantmännen has a wide range of operations, offers exciting career opportunities and invests in innovation and sustainability, which makes them a company characterized by commitment and ambition. At Lantmännen you can really be a part of something bigger and contribute to the positive development of society.

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Linda Siljemark, Employer Branding Manager, Lantmännen

Frida Tydén, Senior Vice President and Head of Communications & Marketing, Lantmännen

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