Lantmännen acquires a minority stake in KG:s Ägg

Press releases, 2022

Lantmännen is acquiring 30 percent of the shares in KG:s Ägg, a leading Swedish egg packaging company. The acquisition will lead to expanding development opportunities within the Swedish value chain for eggs, and is in line with the Lantmännen strategy of increasing initiatives and investments within food supply in Sweden.

“Egg production is an important part of Swedish agriculture and eggs are an excellent, protein rich, highly nutritious food. We envisage interesting opportunities in partnership with KG:s Ägg, when it comes to continued development within product concepts, sustainability, and feed. The acquisition is a good fit with our business portfolio and in our value chain, where we can integrate both egg producers, customers and consumers,” says Per Olof Nyman, Group President and CEO of Lantmännen.

KG:s Ägg was founded by KG Pettersson in 1973, has around 60 employees and is based in Linköping. KG Pettersson continues to play an active role in the company as chair of the board. His three children have been part owners of the company since 2009, two of whom are actively involved in the company, his son Erik as CEO, and daughter Anna who is head of customer service and producer administration. KG:s Ägg has held a majority stake in Sweden’s largest egg supplier Stjärnägg since 2015. In addition to this, KG:s Ägg has a holding in PF Food, that supplies boiled eggs to salad bars, and egg packagers Skåneägg and Norrlandsägg.

“This deal will enable us to create and secure a common Swedish platform and strengthen our market position within the egg value chain from field to fork. The partnership will boost our competitiveness and give us opportunities to achieve our goals even more quickly within areas such as product development and sustainability to deliver enhanced customer benefits. We have already been working closely with Lantmännen for quite some time in areas such as feed development. I am now looking forward to a close relationship with Lantmännen in even more areas,” says Erik Pettersson, CEO of KG:s Ägg.

In connection with the acquisition coming into force, Carl-Peter Thorwid, Head of the Lantmännen business area Cerealia, will take a seat on the board of KG:s Ägg. Access is planned to take place on 1 April.

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