Lantmännen appointed Talent Company of the Year 2021

Press releases, 2021

Lantmännen is appointed Talent Company of the Year – an award honoring a company’s ability to attract, recruit, develop and keep talent.

For the second consecutive year, Lantmännen has been awarded Talent Company of the Year - one of Sweden’s most prestigious talent management awards, celebrating employer branding, attraction, recruitment and talent development capabilities and qualities within organizations.

”We are extremely happy and proud being given this honor, it is an award to all employees at Lantmännen. It is also very inspiring that once more get affirmation on that the work we do and prioritize places us in the forefront when it comes to talent management”, says Elisabeth Wallin Mononen, Senior Vice President och Head of Group HR & Communication.

Since the first time the award was handed out, in 2014, Lantmännen has been announced Talent Company of the Year four times by the awarding talent network 4Potentials.

“That we can attract, recruit and develop the talent and the competencies that we need today and in the future is crucial for us as to grow and succeed as a company. This award means a lot, the last year we have taken several important steps and are ready to grow and develop even further”, adds Frida Tydén, Director Group Communication & People Growth at Lantmännen.

Apart from Lantmännen, the finalists are constituted by the companies EQT, Netlight and ICA that all qualified to the final round undergoing a process where 6 000 talents were asked to name their preferred company. Additionally, all four companies’ HR-strategies and talent management were analyzed through both data analysis and interviews.

4Potentials’ motivation
“The harmonization and connection to financial KPI:s in combination with the great social responsibility, as well as the responsibility the company takes for all employees to feel well and to develop within the company is impressive.

The company's leaders and leadership development are extremely good, and the efforts made by HR to be No. 1 are unique. Furthermore, being able to recharge and make both a very good financial result and a unique imprint on the talent market during an ongoing pandemic, says a lot about how Lantmännen has succeeded to connect business with people's unique potential.

Their culture has been built up methodically and credibly through courageous HR work. At Lantmännen, HR has led the way year after year.

Employee development is truly part of the company's DNA. For Lantmännen, it is important to attract and develop competence continuously. In the past year, major technical and digital steps have been taken. Recruitment support has been enhanced. Sustainability work has been refined and the commitment has become stronger during the difficult times we find ourselves in.

Lantmännen - you are the ideal on how to pursue talent management. You are one of the most attractive companies as a result of the substantial responsibility you take for the development of Employer Branding on the talent market and you always have an ambition to develop your recruitment function, but above all you are best at developing your talents in a sustainable and compassionate way.

You went to the semifinals because the number analysis showed that you were Top 10. You went to the finals because the market and the talents appreciated you. And then you showed an extreme commitment that was even greater than last year when you won. This year, you are even better. When the jury after the interview set average scores on 10 parameters on a 10-point scale, you got the highest average, scoring 8.93 points.

Lantmännen you are world class and this year's Talent Company in Sweden 2021!”


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