Lantmännen and Dataväxt launches the Climate Impact Calculator

2021, News

Further steps are being taken to create added values to farm climate data and to contribute to a new sector standard for measuring climate impact. The new tool, Klimatkalkylen (the Climate Impact Calculator), measures actual emissions of greenhouse gases from the farmer’s cultivation and factors in local growing conditions.

The tool that has been developed by Dataväxt and Lantmännen factors in the type of crop, harvest, fertiliser use, tractor fuel consumption etc., and compiles all the data into a CO₂ footprint per kg harvested (expressed in carbon dioxide equivalents). Comprehensive data collection is already happening on farms with products and technology from Dataväxt. All this information will be able to be used directly in the newly developed software for cultivation, Klimatkalkylen, which is unique and differs from other tools and systems used today. Klimatkalkylen can be used as a decision-making support system, for example when choosing seed and soil preparation, and provides a more correct picture of the climate footprint of an individual farm.

“In many cases, a standard value forms the basis for CO₂ calculations today. We will now be able to get a bit closer to the true value as the calculations also take into account local conditions. In order to contribute with new knowledge in this area and to confirm we are moving in the right direction, we must be able to measure initiatives linked to the sustainable agriculture of the future. Sweden already has one of the world’s most sustainable agriculture sectors, and via this tool, we aim to contribute to further improve our climate performance and be able to demonstrate it as well,” says Claes Johansson, Head of Sustainable Development at Lantmännen.

Via the tool, Lantmännen and Dataväxt wish to contribute to a new sector standard for measuring climate impact and at the same time, create opportunities for new business models linked to sustainable added values at farm level. Pilot trials are now going to be implemented with a beta version of the tool, where different business models will be evaluated and further developed. 

The farm of the future at Bjertorp

The farm of the future at Bjertorp was officially opened on 15 April 2021 where Lantmännen presented farming solutions in practice, with the latest technology within precision sowing, sustainable input goods, intermediate crops that increase carbon sequestration, as well as measures that boost biodiversity. The first version of the tool will be demonstrated during the official opening and a full-scale version will then be used on the farm for measuring and monitoring purposes in 2021. A further ten or so farms are set to be added to the pilot study in the future.

The tool is planned to be launched in autumn 2021.

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For more information, please contact:

Claes Johansson

Director Sustainable Development