Lantmännen acquires 10 percent of Hargs Hamn AB

Press releases, 2021

Lantmännen has acquired 10 percent of Hargs Hamn AB. Since 2019, the port at Hargshamn has become increasingly important for Lantmännens’ grain exports by ship. Hence, the investment underlines the importance of continued investments in the grain value chain.

Lantmännen has acquired 10 percent of Hargs Hamn AB. This investment is a clearly stresses the importance of continued investments in the grain value chain and Lantmännen’s long-term commitment to the port. Furthermore, it means a bigger opportunity to influence further development in a positive direction for grain processing.

“Hargshamn is a key strategic port for Lantmännen. When we were offered the opportunity to take a stake in the port, we jumped at the chance,” says Joachim Haas, CEO of Lantmännen Real Estate.

“We welcome this new shareholder who will add know-how, long-term commitment and confidence moving forward,” says Jacob Spangenberg, Chair of Hargshamn Municipal Executive Committee.

Key grain infrastructure

Hargshamn has developed into a key grain export port for Lantmännen following the closure of the silo and mill in Uppsala in 2018/19, and for grain farmers in north Mälardalen in particular. During the 2020 harvest year, 95,000 tons were shipped out of the port.

Following winter dredging, ships up to 40,000 tons can now access the port. This paves the way for new sales opportunities to destinations further away from Sweden, which means the grain can be sold for higher prices than would be the case when loading smaller ships in Köping and Västerås.

More investments to come

Lantmännen’s strategic direction moving forward entails continued investments in and the development of our facility in Hargshamn in the next few years.

“Our current silo structure in the northen area around Mälaren is facing major changes as our silos in Stockholm and Västerås are at risk of closure for urban planning reasons. In the light of this, our operations in Hargshamn will become even more important and in the future, it is not unreasonable to assume that we will export around 200,000 tons per year,” says Mikael Jeppsson, Head of the Grain Unit at Lantmännen.

In addition to grain, sawn timber and pulpwood, solid fuel, mixed cargoes and other dry bulk loads are handled by Hargs Hamn AB.

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