Jenny Bengtsson elected new member of the Lantmännen Board

Press releases, 2021

The Lantmännen Association Annual Meeting has today resolved on the composition of its board of directors. The Meeting resolved to re-elect chair Per Lindahl, directors Hans Wallemyr, Gunilla Aschan, Johan Bygge and Henrik Wahlberg, and to elect Jenny Bengtsson, in line with the nomination committee proposal.

During the Association Annual Meeting − that is being held digitally today, 11 May, in Stockholm − it was resolved that the Lantmännen Group Board is to comprise nine directors elected at the annual meeting, plus employee representatives. In line with the nomination committee proposal, the Meeting re-elected Per Lindahl, Hans Wallemyr, Gunilla Aschan, Johan Bygge and Henrik Wahlberg and elected Jenny Bengtsson. Johan Mattson had declined re-election prior to the meeting. The other directors are elected until the 2022 Annual Meeting.

The Lantmännen board accordingly now comprises Per Lindahl, Hans Wallemyr, Sonat Burman-Olsson, Jenny Bengtsson, Gunilla Aschan, Jan Ehrensvärd, Henrik Wahlberg, Johan Bygge and Per Wijkander, plus three employee representatives.

Bengtsson was born in 1984 and trained as a veterinary surgeon. In addition to working as a vet with a focus on farm livestock, she runs a farm in south west Sweden between Falkenberg and Ullared with her partner, that is oriented to arable farming and beef production.

“I would like to wish Jenny a warm welcome as a new director, her broad expertise within several important areas will make a big contribution to the renewal of the Lantmännen Board. Jenny’s engagement in agricultural issues and sustainability in particular, will be important for the continued development of Lantmännen and its long-term strategy towards the growth of Swedish farming of world class,” said Per Lindahl, Chair of the Lantmännen Board.

At the statutory meeting that was held after the Association Meeting, Per Lindahl was re-elected chairman of the board and Hans Wallemyr was elected deputy chairman.

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