Lantmännen’s Per Arfvidsson selected for governmental panel for competence

Press releases, 2020

The Swedish Government has presented four strategic cooperation panels that are to come up with innovative solution for prioritized societal issues. Deputy CEO of Lantmännen, Per Arfvidsson has been selected to become a member of one of them, the group for competence provision and learning.


Per Arfvidsson has be selected as a member of the governmental panel for competence provision and learning. The announcement was made when the Minister for Enterprise, Ibrahim Baylan, presented the four strategic cooperation panels on Monday.

The four strategic areas are “Digital transformation”, “Health and life science”, “Climate transformation for enterprises” and “Competence provision and learning”. The strategic cooperation panels are to create innovative solutions for prioritized societal issues. The panels are constituted by several well-known professionals from private and public sector, academia and non-profit organizations. Per Arfvidsson is one out 20 representatives who will work to strengthen Swedish competitiveness, focusing on competence provision and life long learning.

“This is a great recognition; it serves as proof that Lantmännen has a strong position in regard to this very important topic. Personally, I am happy to become a part of a strong team and I am looking forward to a rewarding cooperation that I believe will benefit Lantmännen, farming, the food industry and Sweden in the long run. The demand for competence within farming and within Lantmännen’s operations is continuously increasing which is why we see a great need for educational efforts to strengthen our competitiveness. I intend to drive these matters in the cooperation panel”, says Per Arfvidsson. 

The strategic cooperation programs for 2019-2022 where initiated as a part of the January agreement between the Social democrats, The Swedish green party, the Center party and the Liberals.

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