Lantmännen nominated for the Employer Branding Company of the Year Award for 2021

Press releases, 2020

Lantmännen is one of the companies nominated for the 2021 Employer Branding Company of the Year Award, presented annually by Universum. Lantmännen has been nominated for its strong corporate culture and because the company has successfully portrayed a broad and inspiring image of itself as a company that offers plenty of challenges for talented individuals.

Lantmännen has a long-term employee strategy in place that has been continuously developed in recent years to further strengthen the firmly established employee engagement, and to attract more talented co-workers. This work has now been recognized by a nomination for the Employer Branding Company of the Year Award for 2021, that was announced today.

“We are highly delighted to be nominated. It is a confirmation that the work we have performed within the parameters of our employee strategy in recent years has delivered results. Our employees are the foundation of our work. They are our employer brand and our most important communication channel, and their perception of us as an employer determines how good an employer we are,” says Frida Tydén, Director Group Communication and People Growth at Lantmännen.

The award is presented by Universum, a leading company and specialist in Employer Branding. Every year, Universum invites a select few of Sweden’s HR world to the award ceremony for employers, HR Managers and other influential persons that have engaged, motivated and gone the extra mile in and for their companies. 

“Our Employer Branding work is a prioritized area where we continuously strive to clarify who we are and what we are not, and in which channels we should communicate. Allowing employees to be involved and influence the way forward and test new career paths, enables us to make a difference and develop together. It is employee engagement that enlivens our corporate culture and values, and without this, our Employer Branding work would not be successful,” says Linda Åhman Siljemark, Employer Branding Manager at Lantmännen.

Universum bases its nomination of Lantmännen on the following reasons:

“The company has addressed the topic of employer branding in a very focused way and has delivered highly impressive results in a short space of time. The company has a very strong corporate culture and clearly shows its higher purpose. Furthermore, management is very involved when it comes to attracting talent. The company presents a broad and exciting image of itself as an employer, where talent can be offered a variety of challenges. We therefore feel that this employer can be an inspiration for many others. They have created an admirable internal focus in a short space of time when it comes to attracting talent.”

The Employer Branding Company of the Year will be announced in early 2021. 

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