Lantmännen invests in yet another ThermoSeed facility for the chemical free treatment of seed

Press releases, 2020

Lantmännen already has similar facilities in Skara and Eslöv. The group is now going to make a further investment in its ThermoSeed treatment technology at its seed facility in Skänninge, which is good news from both a quality and environment perspective.

“We see ThermoSeed as a modern seed treatment and an effective technology that gives us seed that is both environment friendly and healthy, which is very much in line with Lantmännen’s focus on sustainability. As we already use Vigour testing, we get a seed of high quality,” says Maria Norén, Market Manager Seed at Lantmännen.

Customer demand dictates and ThermoSeed vastly surpasses all other protection technologies. In the case of organic seed, ThermoSeed is the best treatment on the market.

“There is demand for ThermoSeed treated seed and this investment can increase our capacity and enable more of our customers to buy healthy seed that is also sustainably produced. Our business is based on offering products of high quality, not only in terms of the types we offer, but also with unique added value such as ThermoSeed,” Norén adds.

The environment benefits reside in a reduction in the use of chemical products that also makes for a better working environment during both seed production and on farms using the seed.

“Leading the way when it comes to sustainable technology is in the interests of both Lantmännen and our customers. It is also a big gain for production employees who, in addition to a healthier working environment, also enjoy more technologically interesting work to do,” says Marita Strömberg, Production Manager.

Lantmännen subsidiary company Lantmännen Bio Agri markets and installs the technology which has been sold to a number of companies in many countries within and outside the EU.

“Lantmännen was the first company in the world to invest in our technology. Now Lantmännen will once again be the world leader in ThermoSeed. It feels very satisfying to know that most Swedish farmers can access seed treated in an environment friendly way,” says Kenneth Alness, CEO ThermoSeed Global AB.

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About ThermoSeed
ThermoSeed is a Swedish invention and patented process to disinfect seed without the use of additives. The process treats the seed using carefully regulated hot, moist air for a specific period of time. The seed will then be free from disease, have full germination and a water content that enables it to be stored effectively. ThermoSeed is able to compete with chemical protection thanks to being both competitively priced and highly effective.