Consumers in Sweden name Lantmännen one of the most sustainable brands in the country

Press releases, 2020

The Sustainable Brand Index (SBI) survey reveals that Lantmännen is seen as the second most sustainable food brand by Swedish consumers. In the overall index including all categories in the survey, Lantmännen ranks sixth.

The Sustainable Brand Index (SBI) – the most comprehensive independent brand survey in Europe focused on sustainability – has now released the results of its B2C/business-to-consumer survey for 2020. Lantmännen continues to rank high, in second place among food brands and sixth overall. What’s more, Lantmännen also ranked number one brand on the Swedish market in the B2B/business-to-business survey for 2019, which was published earlier this year.

“We are proud of this recognition, achieving such a high ranking on both the consumer and business lists indicates that our businesses are performing to a consistent and comprehensive standard. The focus on sustainability is a key part of everything we do and it is pleasing that consumers perceive this,” says Per Olof Nyman, Lantmännen Group President and CEO .

“Sustainability and responsibility from field to fork are a key part of our brand. We have gained top rankings in the SBI surveys over the years and are delighted that Sweden’s consumers continue to value Lantmännen’s sustainability work highly,” says Mark Robinson, Head of Marketing Communications & Branding at Lantmännen.

The survey is based on interviews with around 22,000 people and Swedish consumers have evaluated 381 brands in total, divided into 35 categories.

“Lantmännen continues to perform very strongly and consumers can see that the brand takes great responsibility within all parts of its value chain. Regular investments in innovation in agriculture mean that consumers see Lantmännen as a future oriented company,” says Erik Elvingsson Hedén, founder of the Sustainable Brand Index. 

The Sustainable Brand Index survey has been performed annually since 2011. For the 2020 survey, 58,000 respondents were interviewed in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Respondents are made up of a nationwide representative selection in each country. A total of 1,400 brands have been assessed based on the UN Goals for Sustainable Development.

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