Call for proposals to the Lantmännen Research Foundation opens today

Press releases, 2020

The annual call for proposals to the Lantmännen Research Foundation – that supports research within agriculture, bioenergy and food – is now open. The Foundation welcomes applications up to the deadline of 1 October.

The Lantmännen Research Foundation annually awards funding of up to SEK 25 million for research within the entire agriculture value chain, from field to fork. The Foundation has three prioritised research areas – agriculture and machinery, bioenergy and green materials, plus food and packaging. This year’s call for proposals is open for applications from today, and up to 1 October 2020.

“There is a big need for research that contributes to profitable and sustainable farming and food production, and it is precisely such initiatives that the Foundation was created for and wishes to support,” says Hans Wallemyr, Chairman of the Lantmännen Research Foundation and Vice Chairman of the Lantmännen Board of Directors.

The Lantmännen Research Foundation is primarily oriented towards research that focuses on findings with a practical application and innovations, and projects usually run from one to three years. The Foundation currently supports around 50 different projects, in both Sweden and internationally.

“The Foundation is unique in the way that owners, academics and employees all work in an integrated way to assure the research is of benefit to agriculture, its scientific quality and business potential,” says Helena Fredriksson, Research Manager at the Lantmännen Research Foundation.

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Helena Fredriksson, Research Manager, the Lantmännen Research Foundation
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