The following are proposed as new board members at Lantmännen

Press releases, 2019

Lantmännen hereby presents the nomination committee proposals for the new board. Johan Bygge and Per Wijkander are proposed as new board members.

The Lantmännen board in 2018 has comprised Per Lindahl, Chair, Hans Wallemyr, Deputy Chair plus Sonat Burman-Olsson, Ulf Gundemark, Ove Gustafsson, Johan Mattsson, Gunilla Aschan, Henrik Wahlberg and three employee representatives. 

The mandate terms for Ulf Gundemark, Per Lindahl, Johan Mattsson, Gunilla Aschan, Henrik Wahlberg and Hans Wallemyr are expiring. Ulf Gundemark has announced that he does not wish to be at the nomination committee’s disposal. 

Ahead of the 2019 Association Meeting, the nomination committee proposes the re-election of Per Lindahl, Johan Mattsson, Gunilla Aschan, Henrik Wahlberg and Hans Wallemyr, plus the election of Johan Bygge and Per Wijkander.  

“Johan Bygge and Per Wijkander both have solid experience, from different businesses and areas. Wijkander’s broad expertise on the conditions for Swedish agriculture and Lantmännen’s international farming operations, combined with Bygge’s focus on international business development, strategy and financing, would be valuable additions in the work of the board when Lantmännen is now focused on development in line with the updated Field to Fork 2030 strategy,” says Kjell Eriksson, nomination committee chair. 

Per Wijkander was born in 1977 and trained as an agronomist. He runs a farm in Upplands Bro oriented to arable farming, forestry and hydropower. In parallel with farming Wijkander works as an estate agent. These twin roles have given him a broad knowledge of the state of Swedish agriculture and tremendous enthusiasm for both jobs. Wijkander is chair of Lantmännen’s Uppland District, while an assignment at HaGe Kiel has also given him a good understanding of Lantmännen’s international operations in the agriculture area.  

Johan Bygge was born in 1956 and graduated from the Stockholm School of Economics. He is currently based in Hong Kong with EQT as Senior Industrial Advisor. Bygge is highly experienced in both manufacturing industry and financial operations and has tremendous knowledge of international enterprise. His strengths lie in business development, strategy and financing. He has previously worked for Investor as CFO, Capio as CFO and Deputy CEO, and as CFO at Electrolux and Business Area Manager for different parts of Electrolux, such as Husqvarna Outdoor Consumer Products and White Goods Europe.  

His current directorships include Chair of PSM Holdings Ltd, Getinge AB. He is also on the advisory board of SNS. 

Jimmy Grinsvall is proposed for election as new auditor, and the nomination committee proposes the re-election of auditors Maude Fyrenius and Gustav Jansson. 

The elections will be held at the Lantmännen Association Meeting on Wednesday 8 May at the Clarion Hotel Sign, Norra Bantorget, Stockholm. 

If you have any further questions, please contact: 

Kjell Eriksson, nomination committee chair                 
Phone: +46 703 22 59 60  

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