Record dividend for Lantmännen's members

Press releases, 2019

Lantmännen continues to contribute to the positive development of Swedish agriculture and is paying SEK 619 million in dividends to its members, Swedish farmers. This highest ever dividend, was agreed upon at the Annual General Meeting held today.

The dividend to members – which was voted through at the Lantmännen Annual General Meeting today, May 8th − is the highest ordinary dividend in Lantmännen's history, SEK 619 million in total. 

“Lantmännen’s members will share a record dividend this year. For the second year in a row, we are paying a historically high dividend, which is in addition to the unique and substantial support package we announced last year. Our dividend policy has the flexibility to enable a large dividend, despite a worrisome 2018. This is the strength of the Lantmännen model − a profitable and far sighted farming cooperative,” says Per Lindahl, Chair of the Lantmännen Board.  

Lantmännen has consolidated a higher profitability level and is now one of the leading organizations in Europe within agriculture, machinery, food and bio energy. Over the past year, Lantmännen has shared SEK 1.5 billion with its members, 25,000 Swedish farmers. This includes the support package of around SEK 220 million, which Lantmännen launched in association with the drought in 2018. Since 2007, Lantmännen has paid over SEK 4.7 billion in total dividends to its members.  

“Despite a tough year, Lantmännen continues to develop in a positive direction. The dividend is uniquely high thanks to being able to take advantage of the opportunities our dividend policy permits, a year when different businesses within Lantmännen have developed at different rates. We have a long-term vision and good opportunities for continued profitable growth in all our businesses. In line with our new strategy, Field to Fork 2030, we are continuing to invest in the farming of the future and sustainable food production, to strengthen Swedish agriculture and our members’ businesses,” says Per Olof Nyman, Lantmännen CEO and Group President.

The dividend of SEK 619 million was agreed upon at the Annual General Meeting in Stockholm today, and is in accordance with the board proposal. Payment will be made on May 14th this year.  

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