Lantmännen tops Swedish sustainability ranking yet again

Press releases, 2019

Lantmännen is one of the most sustainable brands in Sweden. This according to the 2019 Sustainable Brand Index (SBI), the largest independent brand survey in the Nordic countries that focuses on sustainability.

Lantmännen is the third most sustainable brand in Sweden according to the major SBI sustainability survey in 2019, based on 355 brands in over 20 different categories and with responses from 18,600 people in Sweden. Lantmännen ranks second in the food category, followed by GoGreen in seventh place, AXA in eighth and Kungsörnen in twelfth.

“Sweden already has one of the most sustainable agricultures in the world and Lantmännen has set ambitious targets for the future where our owners – the Swedish farmers – will play an important role. As a farmer-owned company, we have a long-term perspective, which means that we can make large investments in innovation and the development of more sustainable business,” says Per Olof Nyman, Group President and CEO of Lantmännen. 

Lantmännen invests approximately SEK 250 to 300 million in research and innovation each year to future-proof farming, aiming to increase food production while at the same time reducing its climate and environmental footprint. 

“The survey shows that the sustainable added values that Swedish agriculture and we at Lantmännen contribute to, is being recognised and appreciated by Swedish consumers. We will continue to communicate the work we do and our core values to further strengthen the brand,” says Mark Robinson, Head of Marketing Communications & Branding at Lantmännen. 

To assure a long-term and sustainable agriculture, Lantmännen is developing new crops, cultivation methods, services, technological solutions and input goods for farming and strives to close the loop in all parts of the businesses. With operations throughout the entire value chain, Lantmännen ensures that grain grown by Swedish farmers becomes healthy food, climate smart feed and sustainable biofuels.  

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