Lantmännen launches organic wheat vodka

Press releases, 2019

Today a new Swedish vodka will make its entrance at Systembolaget, the Swedish alcohol retailer, and in selected restaurants. Lantmännen has expanded its offer from field to fork by launching Vetevodka, an organic vodka based on wheat from Swedish Västergötland. The vodka has a gentle, pure and discrete character with hints of tropical fruit and white bread.

Lantmännen is adding to its range within food by unveiling a vodka under its own brand, distilled from organic wheat from Västergötland. The wheat is grown by Lantmännen’s members - Swedish farmers - in fields around Lidköping, where the vodka is produced.

“It’s a very exciting launch. Grain is the foundation of everything we do at Lantmännen, but this is the first time Lantmännen has produced vodka under its own brand. Thanks to Lantmännen Reppe’s know-how within sustainable processing of wheat and the production of spirits, combined with locally grown commodities from our Swedish farmers in the region, we can now offer an entirely unique product on the market,” says Magnus Kagevik, Head of the Energy Sector at Lantmännen.

Lantmännen Reppe − part of Lantmännen’s Energy Sector − was founded in 1876 and is one of the largest distilleries in the Nordic countries. Reppe, with a factory in Lidköping, processes wheat to produce different products for the food industry, including alcoholic spirits.

“We use every part of the wheat grain which is separated into different ingredients and products such as starch, gluten and spirits, meaning nothing goes to waste. Our production process also gives the end product a more pure taste. The Lantmännen organic wheat vodka has a gentle, pure and discrete character with hints of tropical fruit and white bread,” says Kagevik.

Swedish whisky distillery Mackmyra provides the bottling, sales and distribution service for Lantmännen when it comes to the vodka. The organic vodka will be marketed under the name Lantmännen Vetevodka and will be available to order from Systembolaget, with product code 82207, and at selected bars and restaurants from December 4th. The 40% vodka will retail at SEK 249 for a 50 cl bottle at Systembolaget.

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