Lantmännen joins Transparency International Sweden

Press releases, 2019

Following an evaluation process, Lantmännen has been elected as a member of Transparency International Sweden's Corporate Supporters Forum, that actively tackles corruption.

Lantmännen has been elected as a member of Transparency International Sweden's Corporate Supporters Forum (CSF). Transparency International is a long-term partner of the UN and works globally to fight corruption around the world via a number of different initiatives. Transparency International Sweden's forum is oriented to large companies in Sweden that have experience of international operations, not least in high risk environments.  

“Lantmännen has adopted an unequivocal stance when it comes to anti-corruption and we are delighted to be able to welcome them on board the CSF. We appreciate Lantmännen’s support and commitment to prevent all forms of corruption and to promote transparency, accountability and integrity,” says Louise Brown, Chair of the Board of Transparency International Sweden.    

Business Ethics has long been an integral part of Lantmännen’s sustainability work, that focuses on aspects such as integrity and anti-corruption. 

“Sustainability is a high priority area for Lantmännen and this includes processes and procedures to prevent and detect corruption. Lantmännen has businesses and counterparties in countries with corruption risks and we therefore take a structured and systematic approach to these important issues throughout our entire group,” says Per Olof Nyman, Lantmännen Group CEO and President. 

As one of the largest groups in Sweden, Lantmännen has both a responsibility and an opportunity to influence and improve knowledge exchange between Swedish companies.  

“We see a big value in joining a forum with other international companies that have the same challenges as us. Exchanging experiences with others is something we view as a key element in continuously improving our own processes and procedures, and via transparency and dialogue, we can work in the right direction together,” says Nyman.  

The addition of Lantmännen means the Transparency International Sweden forum now has 14 large Swedish companies as members, that all actively work towards transparency, business ethics and integrity. Other members include Siemens, Atlas Copco, H&M, NCC, SKF and AstraZeneca. Read more about the Transparency International Sweden Corporate Supporters Forum at  

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