Lantmännen makes grain drying more energy efficient via EU project

2019, News

Lantmännen has participated in the EU project SCOoPE, that aims to make cooperative companies within the European food sector more energy efficient. With financial support from the EU, Lantmännen has been able to make detailed analyses of grain drying to identify possible energy savings.

Ensuring grain drying is effective in terms of both capacity and energy efficiency, you need the correct balance between air flow and temperature. Analysis showed that there is significant potential for improvement in many instances. The project has resulted in a number of investment projects to increase drying capacity that will lead to reduced costs. The investments made are assessed as reducing energy usage at Lantmännen grain stores by 3%. The biggest benefit of the project however, is a better understanding of the drying process, which leads to significant savings via measures where no investment is required. In parallel with these investment projects, there has been organised training for personnel to increase knowledge of what factors affect drying and what the employees can do to increase capacity and efficiency.