The heat wave can lead to increased food prices

Press releases, 2018

The current dry and warm climate in Sweden and large parts of Europe has many consequences and affects several industries. One example is the food industry, which the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter has reported.

Last week, the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN) reported a likely consequence of the current heat wave - the heat can cause food prices in several countries to rise. Mikael Jeppsson, Head of the Lantmännen Grain Unit, was one of the people interviewed.

"There is a shortage of grain in Sweden and throughout Europe. In recent months, grain prices in Europe have risen by 20-25 percent. How this in turn will affect food prices in Sweden is difficult to tell now, and in the end, it is the wholesalers who decide the price, but I think the food will be more expensive. It may take some time until it has an effect, but the price of the commodity rises, as I see it, food prices will rise as well, says Mikael Jeppsson

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