Lantmännen recycles waste bread in Finland

Press releases, 2018

A new recycling plant has been opened in Kotka, Finland, that will process waste bread into ethanol, animal feed and carbonic acid. The recycling process creates great benefits for the climate. 

Lantmännen Agroetanol’s biorefinery in Norrköping, Sweden, refines grain from Swedish farms together with waste products from Lantmännen’s bakeries. Old hot dog and burger buns are recycled in the facility and processed into sustainable biofuel - with up to 95 percent less CO2 emissions - protein rich feed and carbonic acid. A similar plant is now being opened in Kotka in Finland, that will collect waste bread for further processing. 

“Our production of ethanol, feed and carbonic acid in Norrköping closes the loop, creating a circular business model for grain with great climate benefits,” says Magnus Kagevik, Head of the Energy Sector at Lantmännen. 

As of today Lantmännen is the only large scale producer of climate smart ethanol in the Nordic countries. 

“Lantmännen is making large investments within the energy sector. This is not only about offering sustainable products, but also about using environmentally friendly processes, such as utilising waste from our own manufacturing processes and recycling this waste in our production. Lantmännen Agroetanol is a good example of what a biobased circular economy looks like in practice,” says Kagevik. 

The recycling plant in Kotka was officially opened on November the 1st with representatives from Lantmännen and baking company Vaasan, part of the Lantmännen Group, and Finnish business partners. 

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