Lantmännen is increasing investment in research to develop the innovations of tomorrow

Press releases, 2018

To develop new business opportunities and continue to be an innovative and profitable company, Lantmännen is going to invest even more in research, development and innovation. Lantmännen is boosting funding of its Research Foundation by SEK 10 million, with the focus on creating added value from grain.

Lantmännen is further investing in research and development (R&D) by increasing its annual grant to the Lantmännen Research Foundation. The annual grant is being raised to up to SEK 25 million, a near doubling compared to the current level of SEK 15 million. The focus will be on creating value across the entire grain value chain - from plant breeding and cultivation to feed and food - to develop the innovations of tomorrow.

“Research, development and innovation are key elements in assuring our long-term growth and profitability and these issues will therefore be given an even more prominent role in our long-term strategy. I am delighted to announce that we are now increasing our funding to the Research Foundation by SEK 10 million a year,” says Per Olof Nyman, Lantmännen President and Group CEO.

The Lantmännen Research Foundation is oriented towards researchers and innovators at universities, colleges and institutes in the Nordic countries. Lantmännen invests a total of SEK 250 million in research and development annually, both at its own companies and in partnership with other companies and organisations and has a worldwide research network.

One example of Lantmännen investments in R&D is work to develop new oat varieties for the future. Lantmännen research into oats is done at its plant breeding centre in Svalöv, at the new ScanOats research centre and via pure research at research company CropTailor in Lund, all three in Sweden.

Another important initiative is the partnership with the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). Two industry-employed doctoral students at SLU are now each starting a research project on behalf of Lantmännen within feed - a prioritised area from both a climate change and production perspective - and in relation to flour quality for bakeries.

Lantmännen encourages entrepreneurship through the Greenhouse Programme – a practical training programme within business development that aims to convert innovative ideas into profitable enterprises. A new programme will be launched in early autumn, with the focus on Foodtech, including scaling up food innovations in test beds.

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