Drought and heat 2018 - Lantmännen supports Swedish farmers

Press releases, 2018

It has been exceptionally hot and dry during the spring and summer in Sweden, which will lead to grain and hay harvests far below normal. Lantmännen cooperates with the industry to do everything in a very difficult situation.

The spring and summer drought and extreme heat in Sweden affect farmers across the country. Now the entire agricultural industry is gathering power to support farmers. Lantmännen carefully monitors the situation and prepares for a possible shortage of grain. You will find more information below on how Lantmännen supports the Swedish farmers.

Flexible grain agreements
Lantmännen has introduced reliefs in the grain agreements, both in terms of changing crops in a contract and by eliminating protein deduction for milling wheat.

Feed solutions
Lantmännen's specially designed starch feed makes it easier for farmers to feed their animals under the current roughage deficiency.

Invitation to farmers ask Lantmännen's salespeople for support
Lantmännen's sales staff are available and will be happy to assist you with advice.

Invitation to farmers to contact their bank
Lantmännen recommends that the agriculture companies contact their banks well in advance to discuss credit and amortization and prevent liquidity shortages.

Information in Lantmännen's digital portal LM2
Lantmännen continuously updates LM2 with information and advice.

Read more and see links to updated information from LRF, the Swedish Board of Agriculture and the government at https://lantmannen.com/press-och-nyheter/torkan-varmen2018/ (text in Swedish).

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