Record dividend for Lantmännen’s owners

Press releases, 2017

Lantmännen is paying SEK 509 million to its owners, Swedish farmers. The dividend was resolved at the Annual General Meeting on May 4th in Stockholm. The dividend is the largest in the group's history and the result of the agricultural cooperative Lantmännen's favourable growth in recent years.

“I have had the benefit of sitting on the Lantmännen board for the last 12 years and it is clear that the way our business is developing is contributing to strengthening Swedish agriculture. I am very proud that our owners, 25,000 Swedish farmers, will now receive a share of the largest ever surplus and that we are showing that it pays to be a member of a leading farming cooperative,” Bengt-Olov Gunnarson, departing chairman of the board of Lantmännen, said.

This record dividend has been made possible thanks to the excellent profit that Lantmännen posted in 2016 and shows that the group is continuing to develop in a positive direction and in line with the strategy set out. The dividend will also contribute to the continued favourable development of Swedish agriculture.

“The dividend is proof that thriving agriculture and a sustainable food chain go hand in hand with profitability. With its strong roots in Swedish farming and a clear strategy moving forward, the prospects are excellent that Lantmännen will continue to develop and deliver profitable growth in the years to come,” Per Olof Nyman, Lantmännen CEO and Group President, said.

The annual meeting resolved to make dividend payments of SEK 509 million to Lantmännen's owners, in line with the board proposal. The payment will be made on May 22nd this year.

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