Lantmännen Maskin becomes part of the Agriculture Sector, a new business area Swecon is formed

News, 2017

In order to create an even more consistent and customer-oriented agricultural business, Lantmännen Maskin – as a retained unit – is now being moved to the Agriculture Sector. The company retains its legal status and headquarters in Malmö. In addition, a new, independent business area called Swecon will be formed – and Agro Oil in its entirety is being moved to Lantmännen Aspen. Besides some people getting new reporting paths, no staff changes are being made.

“Lantmännen Maskin and Lantmännen Lantbruk are already established together in many places, with Swedish farmers as their most important customers. We are now creating opportunities for working even better together, to the benefit of our customers. At the same time, we are forming the business area Swecon, in order to facilitate business growth around the Baltic Sea,” says Per Olof Nyman, CEO and Group President of Lantmännen.

Håkan Pettersson, current Head of the Machinery Sector, will stay on as head of the Swecon business area.

For more information: Håkan Pettersson