Lantmännen Aspen acquires French alkylate petrol producer Marline

Press releases, 2017

Lantmännen invests in France and acquires the market leader in speciality fuel, Marline.

Lantmännen continues to grow on the alkylate petrol market. Since the group bought the Swedish company Aspen ten years ago, Lantmännen Aspen has developed to become one of the leading speciality fuel companies in several European markets. As a next step in this development, Lantmännen Aspen is now acquiring France’s leading alkylate petrol producer, Marline.

"France is an important market for Lantmännen Aspen. There is a strong growth potential in the alkylate market and the acquisition of Marline enables us to expand our offering in France and grow outside the premium segment,” Claes Alin, CEO of Lantmännen Aspen, says.

Marline is the leading French company in speciality fuels and finished blends for small engines and has a strong position in the rental, construction and DIY segments. Marline has a turnover of more than 20 million euros and employs around twenty people.

Lantmännen Aspen is part of the Energy sector within the Lantmännen group and is Europe's largest alkylate petrol supplier.

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