Henrik Wahlberg and Ove Gustafsson proposed as new members of Lantmännen’s Board

Press releases, 2017

Lantmännen’s election committee is today presenting its proposal for new Board of Directors.

Henrik Wahlberg and Ove Gustafsson are proposed as new members of the Board, following chairman Bengt-Olov Gunnarson’s and board member Björn Wallin’s choice to not stand for re-election.

Lantmännen’s Board of Directors in 2016 consisted of Chairman Bengt-Olov Gunnarson, Ulf Gundemark, Per Lindahl, Pauline Lindwall, Johan Mattsson, Thomas Magnusson, Gunilla Aschan, Björn Wallin, Hans Wallemyr – and three employee representatives.

The terms for Bengt-Olov Gunnarson, Per Lindahl, Johan Mattsson, Gunilla Aschan and Hans Wallemyr are up this year.

Bengt-Olov Gunnarson and Björn Wallin have announced that they will not stand for re-election.

The election committee has proposed that the Annual General Meeting re-elect Per Lindahl, Johan Mattsson, Gunilla Aschan, and Hans Wallemyr. The election committee also proposes that Henrik Wahlberg be elected for a term of 2 years, and Ove Gustafsson for a term of 1 year.

“Henrik Wahlberg and Ove Gustafsson both have solid experience and knowledge of agricultural and food operations. They have also acted in various positions within large companies in the industry, which is an asset for the Board’s work, now that Lantmännen is focusing on developing along the established strategy,” says Kjell Eriksson, chairman of the election committee.

Henrik Wahlberg was born in 1967 and has a degree as a flight engineer. Since 1991, Henrik is running a dairy farm with some 70 cows and breeding of young animals together with his wife in Soukoljärvi, Övertorneå. Henrik is currently chairman of Norrmejerier, a role that he has already announced that he will be leaving during the spring. He is also vice chairman of Svensk Mjölk, vice chairman of LRF’s group for the north of Sweden, and member of the Boards for Övertorneå Energi AB and Sparbanken Nord.

Ove Gustafsson was born in 1957, and has an agronomy degree. He lives in Västra Tunhem outside of Vänersborg, where he – together with his wife – runs a farm focused on grain and beef production. Ove is currently district chairman in Lantmännen, and chairman of Lantmännen’s Board of Trustees. He is also auditor for Sveriges Djurbönder and chairman of the election committee for Landshypotek ek för. In connection with upcoming annual meetings, Ove will be leaving these assignments. For the last two years, Ove has been a member of Beirat in HaGe Kiel.

The elections will be held at Lantmännen’s Annual General Meeting, which is held on Thursday, May 4, at the Hilton Stockholm Slussen Hotel.