Furniture made from oat husks

Press releases, 2017

Grain appears to have an infinite number of application areas. Lantmännen is one of the partners in a new project financed by Vinnova, that aims to create an entirely new type of furniture and interior design products, based on oat husks.  

“If we are to become a truly sustainable society and a circular economy, we need to replace the fossil raw materials used today with biomaterials. This project gives us a fantastic opportunity to develop innovative uses for the secondary products that are created in our production processes,” says Mats Larsson, Director Group R&D, at Lantmännen. 

As its part of the project, Lantmännen is supplying the raw materials - in this case oat husks. OrganoClick - a Swedish company that develops practical materials based on environment friendly fibre chemistry – is providing the materials and process development know-how.  

Interior design products should be practical and sustainable, but without too high a price tag. A common challenge when it comes to bio-based production is the risk that the products

will be too costly to produce. However, by utilising oat husks from agriculture that would otherwise be burned, the aim is to create products that are climate-friendly, practical and cost-effective.  

The project was launched in June with the aim of bringing products to market within 3-4 years. 

Offecct is participating as both a developer and producer of interior design products with a sustainability profile, Property company ÅF is looking to develop practical and sustainable working environments, while architects Sandell & Sandberg and Studio Stockholm Arkitektur, will be working on product design. The project will be managed by bioeconomy consultants NiNa Innovation.