Major step in the global introduction and use of the ThermoSeed seed disinfection method

News, 2010


Norway is the second country after Sweden to invest in a large scale ThermoSeed method. After six years of evaluation, the Norwegian company Felleskjöpet Agri SA has ordered two machines to their seed treatment plant in Holstad. The goal is to reach 25 000 tons of ThermoSeed treated seeds annually. The machines are of the same type as the one in the Lantmännen seed treatment plant in Skara.

To replace a large amount of plant protection products used is a strategic decision and gives Felleskjöpet a unique position. The decision is based on a thorough analysis of the market, the technology and its efficiency. The investment is 2.2 Million Euro, and in addition a license and support agreement with Lantmännen BioAgri AB has been signed in which INCOTEC is behind this to support the project and the good functioning of the system. An important contributing factor for the investment was the well functioning ThermoSeed plant of Lantmännen in Skara, operating since many years.

This is the definite breakthrough for the ThermoSeed method, says Kenneth Alness, MD, Lantmännen BioAgri AB and INCOTEC Sweden AB. There is a great interest for this technology from all parts of the world. The method can be used for seed treatment in many different crops from field crops to vegetables, and is suitable to treat from very large seed lots to very small seed lots. We are pleased to share the pioneer position with Felleskjöpet that has been working with us for a several years in the development.

Removing certain plant protection products benefits both the farmers and Felleskjöpet, and contributes to an environmentally friendly agriculture. Using a centralized production together with a high amount of spring seed treatment makes it easy for a rational production based on the future seed treatment technology, says Arnfinn Sjöseth, Industrial manager, Felleskjöpet Agri SA.

The ThermoSeed method is based on exposure of the seeds to hot and humid air, completely without addition of any chemicals. ThermoSeed has been invented by the Uppsala Company SeedGard AB which was owned by Lantmännen, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and Anders Wall is now owned by INCOTEC. Today Lantmännen and INCOTEC are running the continuous development and internationally launching of this new Technology within the Global seed industry.