Lantmännen ranks no. 1 as Sweden's most purposeful company

Since 2015, the brand management consultant Lynxeye has annually measured the public's relation with Sweden's 50 largest companies. Lantmännen now takes first place as Sweden's most purposeful company.

"For the first time, Ikea is being pushed down from the first place on the list of Sweden's most purposeful brands. This year's number one gets high marks in terms of responsibility and is one of the companies in this year's study that Swedes trust the most."

So begins the article that Resumé (in Swedish only) published in connection with the Purpose Index, a study that measures the public's relation with the world's most influential companies.  

Lantmännen is an agricultural cooperative with activities from farm to fork that share a clear purpose – to create a viable agriculture. Within Lantmännen, there are multiple goal-oriented efforts in all sectors as well as in several different areas such as investments in sustainable development, research and innovation, employer branding and leadership, communication, and brand management. The fact that Lantmännen is now ranked number 1 indicates that the work carried out is noticed and our purpose is valued.

“The fact that we have been named Sweden's most purposeful company is exciting and positive, and something we should all be proud of. That we are perceived as a reliable, innovative, and responsible company shows that we have reached out with the important work we do for a viable agriculture. We will continue to lead the development and make our responsibility visible throughout the value chain from field to fork," says Magnus Kagevik, President, and CEO.  

A couple of years ago, the team at GF Brand & Marketing began extensive strategy work based on how Lantmännen wants to be perceived as a company and brand, mapped with surveys measuring what the public lacked with Lantmännen.

“We knew from our own research that the public perceived us as trustworthy, stable, reliable, and credible. A down to earth, reliable food producer. However, we were not perceived as particularly modern, visionary nor innovative”, says Mark Robinson, Director Group Brand & Marketing.

The concept “Farming of the Future” was launched in 2019 and forms a foundation of high ambitions that enables straight and clear marketing communication. One of the challenges in reaching a new position was to find a way communicate that Lantmännen is a responsible food producer that additionally aims higher and invests in the future.  

“When we launched the campaign "Long Live the Earth" (in Swedish: Länge Leve Jorden) a year ago, we wanted to show people how we see the role of agriculture, today and all the way to 2050. In the campaign we visualize what we mean by Farming of the Future and high-tech agriculture where Lantmännen leads the development. The fact that we now reach first place in the ranking of "Sweden's most purposeful companies" is fantastic – and proof that our strategy holds”, says Mark in conclusion.

Follow this link to watch the commercial in Swedish, with English subtitles. 

The brand campaign "Long Live the Earth" is a tribute to farming. The campaign, developed in collaboration with NordDDB and Starcom, will be seen in different communication channels this autumn.