The team with service as its hallmark

The Facility Management team at Lantmännen's offices in Malmö and Stockholm is the hub of the well-functioning office operations. Meet some of the colleagues in the team who are involved in shaping the environment and making daily work easier at two of our offices.

Three of the colleagues who lay the foundation for Lantmännen's pleasant work environment!

Max Jönsson – Service Employee, Malmö

– I am responsible for the office's functions and environment, handle incoming cases such as fault reports or orders for copying, and packaging via the service portal on Inside. 
My role is flexible and varied – one day I'm working on printing jobs, the next day I'm assembling clothes racks for the changing rooms. The job also includes monitoring print rooms, liaising with external parties, and handling simple IT issues and deliveries.

I'm a bit of a janitor... A doer and all-rounder who appreciates that no two days are the same. What I appreciate the most about my workplace is all the nice and fun colleagues who make me happy.

Quick facts 

Lives in: Vellinge
Age: 23
The best thing about my job is...: Educational workplace!
What is your favorite product from Lantmännen? My favorite product from Lantmännen must be the bean/lentil pasta, because I do a lot of strength training and that it's a nice alternative to get protein instead of meat.
What do I like to do in my spare time? What I prefer to do in my spare time is to devote myself to what I like - weight training, movies/series, cooking, watching football/going to football games and of course spending time with loved ones.
Likes to listen to: Everything from rock – R&B. Favorite genre now is R&B.

Ida Klintberg – Facility Management Coordinator, Stockholm

– My job at Lantmännen involves keeping the day-to-day office life in balance – from practical tasks such as changing fluorescent tubes to coordinating the administration and supporting the service team. I love the variety and creativity in my work, where no two days are the same.

In my role as the spider in the web, humility and initiative are crucial – something I think goes hand in hand with Lantmännen as a workplace where there is a large dose of openness, commitment, and a big heart.

A strong memory is most recently when we arranged a Christmas mingle where the warm atmosphere and the appreciation of the employees really showed Lantmännen's positive culture. It motivates me to go the extra mile every day!

Quick facts

Lives in: Sundbyberg
Family: Boyfriend 
Age: 27 
The best thing about my job is...: My colleagues and the fact that no two days are the same
Interests: Music, food, exercise
What do I like to do in my spare time? Reading an exciting book, eating good food or hanging out at the gym.
What is your favorite product from Lantmännen? FinnCrisp, a classic!

Jörgen Ekwall, Service Employee, Stockholm

– As a receptionist at Lantmännen is a great balance between saying "Hello and welcome!" and "Hello and thank you for today!" and everything in between.

When friends complain about their jobs, I think: "Switch to Lantmännen, the best workplace ever". The positive energy I get from all the warmth and joy I see at my workplace is unbeatable, so welcoming you to Lantmännen is truly an honor. 

Almost every day offers wonderful anecdotes such as when people with the same name or similar appearances are confused. It can be so exciting and funny sometimes, even for someone else who is generally quite good with both faces and names.

Quick facts

Lives in: Hässelby Strand, Stockholm.
Age: 57
Best thing about my job: The energy I get at every single meeting is the best thing about my job.
This is what I do to relax: Three relaxing ingredients in my world are: Reading something exciting, traveling to somewhere, spending time with the wonderful animal world.
I would love to go here again: All the places I've seen and been to, I want to go back to. But Tilos is a favorite, a small and rather unknown gem in the Greek archipelago. This wonderful nature, environment, and tranquility. If I stand there looking a little absent-minded, I'm right there in my thoughts.
My favorite among Lantmännen's products: the Lantmännen cap, of course.