I am driven by the feeling of wanting to move forward - Klara Ahlström

We met Klara Ahlström, currently Head of Lantmännen's finance department and soon in a new role as Head of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) Agriculture Sector to talk about her career. Klara describes herself as a homebody who is driven by the feeling of moving forward and who likes to be where the action is.

Facts Klara Ahlström

Name: Klara Ahlström

Family: Husband and three children, or adult adolescents since they are aged 22, 19 and 16 respectively. I turned 50 this summer and it feels like a turning point in my life. What is going to happen now? It is a bit of a two-edged sword actually.

Years at Lantmännen: 13 years, I started in 2011.

Previous roles: I started my career as a consultant. At Lantmännen Agriculture sector, I was first employed as an application specialist, and I quickly became involved in a large project that was ongoing during my first four years. The project, which went by the name "One way of working", reviewed all processes and systems. After that, I had the role of Process Manager Finance in Controlling at the Agriculture sector for a few years, and I worked a lot with setting the model for how we would work with continuous improvements.

My following role was as Deputy Division Controller, and I worked closely with the CFO at the Agriculture sector. About six years ago, I joined SSC Economics and Finance when it moved from Group functions to the Agriculture sector. At that time, I was responsible for deliveries from LMEA to other companies within the Group. A few years ago, it was decided that the function would move back to Group function and I then became head of that department.

Current role: Head of Lantmännen's finance department where I report to Michael Sigsfors.

Hobbies: I'm a real homebody! I like to spend time at home, meet friends and enjoy time with family. For the past three years, we have had a summerhouse in Spain, outside Marbella, so we also spend time there.

As a kid I wanted to become: I wanted to be a colleague and that I became!

Favorite product from Lantmännen's range? My absolute favorite is AXA fiber oatmeal – I have them every morning in my "overnight oats". Since we moved into our new office in Malmö, we have a Lantmännen shop in the office, which means that I try new products to a greater extent. Hatting's chia bread is delicious. And pasta is always a hit! It's a great privilege to have access to the shop!