Internal audit

The internal audit is an independent unit in the Group, which is engaged in objective assurance and advisory activities. The internal unit team makes systematic and structured assessments to help to increase the efficiency of the Group’s risk management, governance and control, as well as its management processes.

The internal audit unit reports material observations and improvement proposals to the Group Board (via the Audit Committee) and to the operating units. It also audits the entire Group and acts as an independent review function for Lantmännen Finans AB in accordance with the requirements of the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

In addition to performing reviews and audits in accordance with the internal audit plan, the unit supports the Group’s Board and Management by providing analyses and advice. In 2015, the internal audit unit identified overall risks in the Group, performed audits of the Sectors and corporate functions and prepared an internal audit plan for 2016. The internal audit unit also participates in various steering groups and committees in order to obtain essential information and serve as a consultation body in the areas of risk management and internal control.