Do you have an idea that you want help to develop further? The Greenhouse is Lantmännen’s accelerator focused on innovations within food and agriculture – from field to fork. We support up-and-coming entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs and help them turn their ideas into profitable and sustainable long-term businesses. Each seed is a startup!

The Greenhouse spring 2021: Sustainable nutrition

We have now closed the application for the spring 2021 program. Thank you for all the applications, we got a record amount of applications! Follow us on our social media accounts, Lantmännens LinkedIn page and Lantmännens Instagram account Life at Lantmännen to catch the latest information about the program activites this year. 

How can we challenge the way we produce and eat food to resolve two of the world’s most urgent problems: climate change and increasing health issues?

We are facing major challenges, both in terms of the way we produce food and how we consume it. Our planet must feed a growing population, and at the same time sustainability challenges and health problems related to the food we put on our plates are increasing globally. A development that we at Lantmännen are convinced that we can change. Together.

Sustainable nutrition is a concept that addresses the complex and multifaceted area of planetary and human health. We want to seek innovative solutions, provide a lens for cross-sectoral collaboration and strive for new knowledge for tasty and healthy food.  

Ideas we are looking for

Do you have fresh insight on sustainable nutrition to complement our expertise? An excellent idea for a new plant-based product? An unexplored solution for using manufacturing process sidestreams adding value to more healthier products? Maybe a business model to change consumer behavior towards more sustainable way? Or maybe a breakthrough insight for oat or wholegrain?  

The team behind the Greenhouse

Lantmännen's Greenhouse is run by Nina Tuomikangas and Jakob Söderström. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or thoughts regarding the Greenhouse. You will find our contact details below.

Nina Tuomikangas

Project Manager Innovation

Lantmännen R&D

Jakob Söderström

Innovation Manager

Lantmännen R&D