Our model

We work with sustainable business development in four dimensions: risk management, business development, efficiency and increased revenue. All Lantmännen's business units work with the four dimensions to protect and strenghten Lantmännen's brand and to contribute to business value in a short and long term.

The work to ensure responsibility includes risk management, from identification to assessment and management. The risks are related to our Code of Conducts areas. Learn more. Relevant parts are clarified in a Code of Conduct for Suppliers, that we implement and follow up. For our food production,the Criteria for Responsibly Produced food covering areas as origin, production, traceability, content and quality. 

Sustainable business development is a part of the agenda for all units aiming for, sometimes new, biobased circular business models.

For profitable sustainable business, we must communicate the added values tht we create. We take part in business driven stakeholder dialogue to take new steps in sustainability issues and to increase customers' and clients' knowledge. We communicate relevant and transparent about our work with responsibility.

All our production, the entire value chain included, is to be secure and resource efficient. Lantmännen has worked to decrease negative impact on the climate since 2009 and has a new target for climate since 2017. Learn more.

For good results we need focus and work within four areas. Read more