Material GRI topics for Lantmännen's reporting

We have based our GRI reporting on our material issues and identified relevant GRI topics. We also disclose Lantmännen-specific topics and for some, we have developed our own metrics. The overview below shows how our material topics relate to GRI topics, for which we disclose management approach and results.

Further information on scope for the reporting, GRI disclosures, boundaries and omissions, please see the GRI index or the Reporting Principles in our Sustainability report.

Lantmännen's material issues

GRI Topics

Return and reinvestment in farming  Economic performance.
Research and innovation in the grain value chain Materials. Energy. Healthy and affordable food.
Sustainable cultivation Materials. Emissions to air. Environmental compliance.
Climate impact from energy and transport Materials. Energy. Emissions to air. Environmental compliance.
Products with added value for health and the environment Customer health and safety. Healthy and affordable food. Emissions to air. Marketing and labeling.
Product quality, safety and traceability Marketing and labeling. Human rights risk assessment. Procurement practices. Socioeconomic compliance.
Work environment, health and safety Occupational health and safety. Socioeconomic compliance. Diversity and equal opportunity.
Resource-efficient processing Materials. Energy. Emissions to air.
Business ethics and anti-corruption Anti-corruption. Socioeconomic and Environmental compliance. Procurement practices.
Attractive workplace Occupational health and safety. Diversity and equal opportunity.
Lifestyle and eating patterns Healthy and affordable food. Marketing and labeling. Customer health and safety.
Product quality Procurement practices. Marketing and labeling. Socioeconomic and Environmental compliance. Customer health and safety.
Origin Procurement practices. Customer health and safety. Marketing and labeling. Socioeconomic and Environmental compliance.