Results and reporting

Lantmännen strives to provide relevant and transparent reporting of the work on responsibility and sustainable development. Lantmännen publishes an integrated Annual Report with Sustainability Report.

The sustainability report is developed in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative Guidelines Standards, at core level, including the industry-specific guidelines for the food sector (GRI Food Processing Sector Supplement). Cross-reference index according to GRI is included in the Sustainability report.The reported GRI topics are listed here.

Lantmännen's Annual Report with Sustainability Report fulfil the requirements of UN Global Compact Communication on Progress (COP), which is a report on progress regarding implementation of the Global Compact principles on corporate responsibility.

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Our key issues

Our key issues are based on impact on people, the environment and long-term profitability. The topics reflect the most significant areas in terms of the impact of our operations and contributions to sustainable development. The prioritization was done in different stages. Based on Lantmännen’s strategies, work and knowledge of the impacts of operations, business intelligence and market trends, and the results of dialogue conducted with stakeholders, we identified sustainability topics. The topics were prioritized in a process with experts from different parts of the business. The Group’s CSR committee decided on the materiality analysis, see below.

The issues that are most important for us to work with, monitor and communicate are above the dotted curve.

UN Global Compact

In 2009, Lantmännen signed the Global Compact, the UN initiative for responsible business, which involves a commitment to implement the Global Compact’s ten principles in the business. The Global Compact also requires annual disclosure of progress and performance in the form of a COP (Communication on Progress). Lantmännen’s Annual Report including Sustainability Report, is structured to meet these requirements.

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Other reporting

Lantmännen participates in networks as the Haga Initiative and in sector dialogues on soy and palm oil. The commitments include submitting an annual report to the initiatives. The Haga Initiative collects the member companies reporting in an annual Climate report (available in Swedish) and reports to Roundtable on Sustainable Palm oil and Roundtable on Responsible Soy are submitted directly to the organizations.