Lantmännen’s cultivation program

We live in a time of great challenges. Our farming in Sweden is considered to be among the most sustainable in the world – yet our farmland and nature are challenged by climate change, environmental pressures and reduced biodiversity.

In 2015, Lantmännen decided to make a real difference. Together with our owners, 20,000 committed Swedish farmers, we took the first step towards transforming our cultivation. Climate & Nature is Lantmännen’s program for farming of the future and has a number of concrete climate-smart measures.

- a cultivation program with up to 20 percent lower climate impact, less environmental impact and that contributes to increased biodiversity

Climate smart fertiliser

Fertiliser produced with environment friendly technology contributes to reducing climate impact.


Our cultivation concept Climate & Nature requires careful documentation in the form of land mapping and arable production plans, for example. Grain grown with this method is traceable from field to fork.

Eco driving

Eco driving and other energy efficiency measures on the farm cut carbon dioxide emissions.

Promote biodiversity

Skylarks benefit from undrilled patches in fields where they can land and forage for food. At least one lark plot per hectare of cultivated land is created.

Optimised nitrogen fertilization

With the help of sensors that read the nitrogen needs of a crop, fertiliser usage is optimised to reduce the risk of overuse.

Since being launched in 2015, the cultivation program has delivered good results with reduced carbon dioxide emissions, less environment impact and positive effects on biological diversity.

Climate & Nature in figures

For the 2017 harvest

  • Circa 12,700 hectares cultivated acreage (circa 18,000 football pitches)
  • 60 contracted farmers
  • Circa 13,000 lark plots
  • 78,000 ton harvest
  • 7,800 tons CO2 savings
  • Over 39 million kg of Friendlier Wheat have been sold since the launch.

Carbon dioxide savings: average value for standard plain flour 0.5 kg/kg x 0.2 x volume
Lark plots: min 1 mandatory undrilled 16-20 square metre plot per hectare

The next steps

With its cultivation program Climate & Nature, Lantmännen has taken the first step towards more sustainable farming. In the coming years, we are going to continue to develop additional criteria to further reduce our climate and environment impact and benefit biological diversity. The cultivation program has also been broadened to include rye crops.

Before the next harvest
Criteria for the cultivation program Climate & Nature are being continuously developed to further benefit biodiversity and minimise the use of chemicals in the cultivation chain.

Boost biological diversity
The new requirements mean that pollinators and beneficial insects are protected and that biologically or thermally treated seed is used instead of chemically treated seed. What's more, farmers have the opportunity to choose between four different undertakings that are beneficial for animals and insects, such as creating an additional lark plot (16-20m2) per hectare, sowing edge zones with seed mixes in the field, creating a fallow area for diversity or planting salix that provides food for insects in spring.