Lantmännen Greenhouse is an educational program for those who want support in developing an innovative business concept into a profitable business. 

In the Greenhouse, you get the help of experts in different fields to develop and sharpen your idea to get a better basis to take it further. The participants in the program can be established or new in agriculture and food production, be employed by or owner of Lantmännen, be a start-up entrepreneurresearcher or recently graduated - everyone is welcome to participate and the program is free of charge. 

As an entrepreneur, you will keep all intellectual property rights to your ideas when you join The Greenhouse

Setup of the program

The program consists of a series of workshops together with other participants and ends with a Dragons Den that gives advice and support on how you can take the project further. Lantmännen offers business development and / or prototype development for the best projects. 

What happens during the program?

The program includes theory and exercises in defining and framing problem to be solved, understanding customer needs, creating and using business model canvas, prototyping and assessing business potential and pitching - but also discussions and inspirational lectures. The program is run by experienced business coaches, employees at Lantmännen and hand-picked external partners.   

During the workshops, you will have the opportunity to work through your idea and sharpen your business model - and lay a good foundation for future business. You will also be able to test your idea on the other participants. Who knows - maybe there is a future customer, supplier or partner in the bench next to it? 

What is it like to participate in the Greenhouse?

Lantmännen's Greenhouse is an intensive program - you are expected to attend the workshops and spend time on homework in between. But it's also fun, inspiring and a great way to take the next step in your idea development! Previous participants have said about the program: 

"You had to challenge yourself and really think through all the steps in the process from idea to customer." 

"I loved getting to learn new tools that can be used in other contexts as well." 

"The best part was the high level of knowledge and experience and being challenged all the time."