Climate-friendly ethanol from grain

Lantmännen Agroetanol is the Nordic region’s only large scale producer of ethanol fuel from grain. Our ethanol has approximately 90% lower carbon footprint emissions compared to fossil diesel and is certified according to the EU's sustainability criteria for biofuels.

The high environmental performance is achieved partly by utilizing biofuels for process energy in production and partly by almost all the raw materials can be used, giving good energy.

Ethanol part of the solution

Dependence on oil in the transport sector is one of the major challenges to be able to solve the climate issue. The transition to a fossil free fleet in Sweden requires more renewable alternatives and we see responsibly produced ethanol as one part of the solution. Ethanol from grain has a high energy content and is therefore good to make fuel.

When making ethanol from grains you also got a high-protein byproduct, Agrodrank, which can be used to feed material. 2.6 kg wheat give about 1 liter of ethanol and 0.8 kg feed protein. Lantmännen's facility in Norrköping has the capacity to produce about 230 000 m3 of ethanol and 200 000 tonnes of protein feed a year, based on approximately 600 000 tonnes of grain per year.

Export market

In 2015, Lantmännen Agroetanol received a new market in Germany, where the added value of the propellant environmental performance is rewarded. The Agro ethanol is used for blending up to 10 percent of gasoline according to the latest EU standards. Exports to Germany accounted for more than half of Agroetanol production in 2015 corresponding to over half a billion Swedish kronor.