Representatives from the entire Swedish food chain guarantee responsible soy production


In 2014 at least 60 percent of the soy that is used and/or sold by the companies in the Swedish Soy Dialogue network must be responsibly produced, while in 2015 this figure will increase to 100%. These figures have been guaranteed by 27 Swedish food companies and organisations, which have entered into a voluntary agreement to make sure that soy used in the production of food sold in Sweden is produced in a socially and environmentally responsible manner.

This voluntary network includes a wide range of stakeholders, including trade organisations, the feed industry, food producers and retail chains. The companies want to make sure that the products that Swedish consumers buy have been produced using certified soy, irrespective of whether they are from Sweden or have been imported. Each company takes responsibility for what they can influence in their own supplier chain. Certified soy refers to physically certified soy and the purchase of soy certificates, as they both contribute to responsible soy production. 

“The feed products from Lantmännen that contain soy form part of the production chain for many different Swedish animal food products. When consumers choose these products, or products from the other companies in the agreement, they can rest assured that the soy needed for the products was produced in a responsible way,” says Johan Andersson, Head of Sector at Lantmännen Lantbruk.

Over the past 50 years global soy production has increased from 27 million tons to more than 269 million tons. Soy flour is often found in feed as it contains high-value protein and essential amino acids that are vital for the well-being of animals.

The Soy Dialogue is a Swedish call for responsibly produced soy that is certified in accordance with RTRS (Round Table on Responsible Soy) or ProTerra’s principles and criteria. The aim is for all food from the companies in the Soy Dialogue to be based on soy that has been responsibly produced.

“We think that this is an important first step in reducing the negative impact on nature, animals and people where soy is produced. We hope that other companies are going to follow suit and set requirements for the production of soy,” says Peter Westman, Head of Conservation at the World Wide Fund for Nature WWF.

By only producing and/or selling products with certified soy, these companies want to help prevent the loss of biodiversity, the irresponsible use of toxic pesticides, the exploitation of land belonging to local populations or indigenous populations, and promote safe and good working conditions on soy plantations. Setting requirements for certified soy ensures that it is produced without exploiting unique natural areas, including the Atlantic Forest, Cerrado, Chaco and Amazonas.

The following are members of the Soy Dialogue for responsibly produced soy:

Arla Sverige AB
Henri De Sauvage Nolting, MD

Axfood Sverige AB
Hans Holmstedt, Purchasing Director

Bjärefågel i Torekow AB
Martin Ingemarsson, Head of Animals

Coop Sverige AB
Johnny Capor, Acting MD

Dalsjöfors Kött AB
Magnus Larsson, MD

Guldfågeln AB
Martin Lindström, MD

Gäsene Mejeriförening
Marcus Jansson, MD

HKScan Sweden AB
Göran Holm, EVP, Consumer Business Scandinavia

ICA Sverige AB
Dan Jacobson, Head of Fresh Produce

Ingelsta Kalkon AB
Peter Andersson, MD

KLS Ugglarps AB
Jonas Tunestål, MD

Knäreds Kyckling AB
Johan Karlsson, MD

Kronfågel AB
Magnus Lagergren, MD

Lagerbergs AB
Peter Lagerberg, Head of Animals

Lantmännen Economic Association.
Johan Andersson, Head of Sector Lantmännen Lantbruk

Martin & Servera AB
Håkan Åkerström, MD

Nyhléns Hugosons Chark AB
Magnus Nilsson, MD Skånemejerier AB
Björn Sederblad, MD

Skövde Slakteri AB/Gudruns
Ove Konradsson, MD

Signatory organisations that support this letter of intent:
Trade association Svensk Fågel
Maria Donis, MD

Trade association Svenska Ägg
Astrid Lovén Persson, Operations Manager

Trade association Svenskt Kött
Maria Forshufvud, MD

Föreningen Foder & Spannmål (Feed & Grain Association)
Erik Hartman, MD

Federation of Swedish Farmers
Helena Jonsson, Chair of the Federation

Svenska Avelspoolen AB
Hans Agné, MD

Sveriges Nötköttsproducenter (Sweden’s Association of Beef Producers)
Jan Forssell, Chair

Svenska Fåravelsförbundet (Swedish Sheep Breeding Association)
Bertil Gabrielsson, Chair